I moved my two and a half year old son from a large, well-regarded local Montessori school to Children's Montessori Daycare in March 2012. Moving him to this school was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only is this school very conveniently located, but the fees are very reasonable. The class size is much smaller than at his previous school, which allows for more individualized attention for each child, and he does not get sick nearly as often as he did when he was in a class with 20 other children. All of the staff members I have encountered have been helpful and friendly, and I always feel safe leaving my son in their care. The new directress, Ms. Maria, is absolutely wonderful. It is clear from watching Maria interact with the children that teaching is her passion, and she truly has a gift for using Montessori methods to bring out the best in each child. She always has the best interests of her students at heart, and does everything she can to foster their independence and development. The changes I have seen in my son, even in the short time he has been here, are amazing. I would recommend Children's Montessori Daycare and Ms. Maria to any parent looking for child care.

Thanks again for everything you do for Ben, Maria, we are lucky to have you!



“Our son has attended Children’s  Montessori during its first year in operation and has been there for an over a year.  Children’s Montessori is a beautiful facility with the room full of Montessori teaching tools for the children.  The Montessori teaching methods have met our learning expectations for our son.

I like the variety of stimulating activities that our child engages in every single day.  He likes show and tell it encourages socialization and communication amongst his friends.  He gets very excited when it is show and tell day.

Our son is being moulded into an individual who is independent and strong, but humble and courteous at the same time.  The most wonderful thing is the attention he gets on an individual basis and the opportunity to be able to learn at his own pace is incredible as it makes my child feel successful.  I can see and feel that under the Montessori umbrella our son is blossoming.

We are impressed with the friendly nature of Ms. Maria, which makes my child enjoy and love school.  He is learning new things everyday, but more importantly, he is ENJOYING the learning process.  The key factor is that he really enjoys going to school.”

David & Thushara